Manufacturer of Special and Classical Steel Strutures

Manufacturer of Special and Classical Steel Structures

Types of manufactured furnaces

  • Roller
  • Tunnel
  • Car/chamber
  • Rotary
  • Bell-type
  • Glass
  • Driers

Furnace Equipment

  • Rails
  • Platforms
  • Air-handling piping
  • Gas distribution piping


  • Steel structures for halls
  • Steel structures for technological equipment
  • Heating and cooling registers

Production Assortment

The greater part of the company production is manufactured according to the customers’ documentation.

High quality of production; we are ISO 9001:2009 certified

High quality of welding according to ISO 3834-2

The required accuracies with surface treatment: painting and zinc-coating

Dispatching the goods to the place of destination including obtaining the documents necessary for the export abroad

The overseas package at customer’s request

Lining of furnace modules by our partner company.

About us

The major activity of the company is the made-to-order manufacture of special steel structures for industrial ceramic, brickwork and glass furnaces as well as furnaces for heat treatment of materials. In addition, the company manufactures classical steel structures for halls. This product assortment has been maintained to date but in recent years modular systems according to the requirements of prevalently foreign customers have been consequently employed. This fact has a very positive influence on both the final erection at the customer’s site and the labor productivity.

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